Anyone reading these pages is likely going through a tough time. Things have not worked out as they were planned and as you envisioned. Maybe the divorce is over, perhaps even years ago, but problems remain that still need to be worked out. We know and understand what you are going through.

If you are contemplating a divorce or believe your spouse is heading in that direction, take some time to reflect before charging ahead. Gain a higher perspective for a moment. Consider carefully your next step and how you will approach it. We will listen to your story and walk you through the process, explain the application of the law to your situation and take you where you want to go, or ride with you on the roller coaster ride your spouse started. We will be there for you during the process of divorce and, if needed, the things that must be handled after it; but you are the one who will live the journey and continue on after the process is completed.

In the roller coaster of emotions (be they anger, sadness or whatever), it is easy to lose perspective, to lose sight of the big picture and to be driven and controlled by those emotions. Your attorneys will not be so emotionally invested … and that is a good thing. You need someone to provide guidance in the tempest who is not subject to being tossed about by the wind and the waves.

We are not marriage counselors. We will listen, but we cannot fix what went wrong with the marriage; we cannot change your spouse; we are not trained in helping people deal with those things from a psychological or emotional perspective. We will stand with you. We will protect you. We will represent your best interests. We will help you to put your best foot forward.

We do not control the law, and we do not control the final decisions that are made in the process. Unless you can reach a settlement position with your spouse or ex-spouse, the ultimate decisions will be made by a judge. We believe, especially in family law, that settlement is the first and best option. (If you have not read the higher perspective link above, now would be a good time.) Settlement puts you in more control of your destiny than leaving the decisions up to the judge. Settlement allows you and your spouse/ex-spouse to complete the divorce (or post judgment matter) without burning the bridge.

While a person might think that burning the bridge is the whole point – after all, divorce is the nail in the marriage coffin – there is another perspective. In most cases, especially when there are kids involved, the relationship does not end with divorce. You will always be your children’s parents. Like it or not, that “bum” or “witch” is your childrens’ father or mother. You will still have contact, and your future peace and happiness will still be linked together in some degree.

We can be as aggressive and tough as we need to be, but we will not do it without reason and only if it is in our clients’ best interests. Sometimes there is no choice. In abusive relationships, when the other spouse is seeking to do harm physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise, we fight for our clients and protect them. Sometimes, however, fighting every little thing is counterproductive and only benefits the attorneys who make money from the fight. We are not going to give away our time and counsel for nothing, but we realize that short term monetary gain for us is not worth the longterm damage to our reputation or the reputation of the profession. Therefore, our aim is to protect the best interests of our clients and serve them well above all things. If we can settle a matter quickly without sacrificing other things and keep the cost down, we know that the good will we have with our clients will mean referrals and more business in the future. If there is no choice but to fight, then we have no problem taking it to the mat.

We handle all aspects of Family Law – divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, spousal support (maintenance/alimony), contribution to college expenses, domestic violence order of protection, and everything under the Family Sun. We also handle pre-nuptial agreements and post nuptial agreements, estate planning to protect non-marital assets and many other things. We handle guardianship and adoptions and grandparents’ rights as well.

We do not just dabble in Family Law. Family Law is our main area of practice.

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